Vlog #10 – Thunder Run!

It took me a little while to finish the music for this one, and I’m still not quite happy with it. But here it is. It was a scary run at the end and an experience I won’t forget soon. I have a strong love/hate feeling about runs like this. It is so much more fun to run in uncommon circumstances, but it also scared the hell out of me more than I expected and more than I should have been. In the end, I’m glad I did it.

Vlog #9 – Two Summits

I was hoping for a thunderstorm and some rain. I didn’t time that right, but I did have an awesome run through a beautiful forest. I reached the highest peak in Ventura Country, and I got an extra surprise peak out of the deal! Check it out.

Vlog #8 – Too Many Tarantulas

So this thing is turning into a vlog. I’m trying to post one video per week. It has been fun writing music and learning more about Final Cut Pro.

This week, I head up a trail in Brea, CA. I bet you can’t guess what I saw up there.

Donate to Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Lots of things are messed up in this country right now, and there seems to be a lot of division, but now is a time to come together and help people in need. The people of Houston, Texas and surrounding areas need help as they are being hit with historic, catastrophic flooding. It is already bad, but the worst is yet to come as the rain is forecast to continue into next week. Put everything else aside right now, and donate to the Red Cross to help our fellow Americans in need. Don’t wait. They need help. Now. Do it now.


Without Moon or Headlamp

This was a late-afternoon run into the dark at Johnson Ranch in San Luis Obispo. I had no headlamp, and there was no moon. It was very dark. But that’s part of the fun. Check it out!

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