Blame It On the Smoke

Screen Shot 2017 12 09 at 10 34 06 AM

Wow, today’s run was tough. It was far tougher than a ten miler should be. I’m not sure exactly why that was.

I started the run under some smoky skies. The Thomas Fire in Ventura, my home town and two hours south, was at about 148,000 acres as of this morning. That’s about 231 square miles. Massive. We haven’t been too impacted by smoke here, but the winds have changed a bit which is blowing them north.

The first half of the run felt pretty good, but the second half was a slog. Part of it might have been due to the temperature increasing. It wasn’t really that warm, but it was warmer. I don’t think it was really due to the smoke. My lungs are still recovering from a slight cold that just won’t go away. Plus, this is the most mileage I’ve done in a number of weeks.

The good news is that my pace was much faster than I expected, and I think I even got a negative split. So maybe it was tough simply because I was pushing myself. Either way, tough runs are good for the mind. I had to keep talking myself into continuing with the plan, fighting back all the great excuses I had to turn around and end the run early. But I didn’t end early. That’s always a win.

Slower Than My Nose

Screen Shot 2017 12 07 at 8 39 26 PM

I think this is the first 10k I have done in about a month. Being busy with work and catching a cold didn’t help my mileage goals. But today was a nice run. I wasn’t quite as fast as I wanted to be, but I felt like I pushed myself under the conditions. My nose was running like crazy partially due to the chilly air and partially due to my lingering cold. That was the only annoying thing about the evening.

I also decided to start journaling my activities again because I think it helps me in some unknown way. I was thinking about what has changed since two years ago, and that is one thing. This will be the second year in a row that I don’t complete at least one marathon. That’s gotta stop. 2018 is going to be my comeback year. I’ll still be slow, but I’m going the distance.

Big Yellow Moon

Screen Shot 2017 12 07 at 9 48 55 PM

Well, it wasn’t a supermoon tonight, but to be fair, a supermoon isn’t really a “super” moon. But it was a beautiful almost full moon this evening. The wind was blowing hard at my house, but it wasn’t too bad on the trails. I was the only person out there, and it was great. I’m still getting over a cold, so my lungs felt iffy, but overall it was a great run. Winter is practically here, so I have to get used to cold, wet, windy runs.

Vlog #10 – Thunder Run!

It took me a little while to finish the music for this one, and I’m still not quite happy with it. But here it is. It was a scary run at the end and an experience I won’t forget soon. I have a strong love/hate feeling about runs like this. It is so much more fun to run in uncommon circumstances, but it also scared the hell out of me more than I expected and more than I should have been. In the end, I’m glad I did it.

Vlog #9 – Two Summits

I was hoping for a thunderstorm and some rain. I didn’t time that right, but I did have an awesome run through a beautiful forest. I reached the highest peak in Ventura Country, and I got an extra surprise peak out of the deal! Check it out.

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