It is rare that I get back from a run and wish I never went out, but I was almost there today. It started with random obstacles. People were riding bikes on the sidewalk, running on the wrong side of the road, a dog off leash, all of which caused me to cross the street. No big deal, but these instances were more prevalent than normal. Then the fireworks started. Generally, Heather is scared of the fireworks, and Kenai is fine, but today it was reversed. I would hear a firecracker and Kenai would try to bolt. Heather didn’t seem phased. This continued throughout the run, every few minutes. I think it could be just fine for Kenai except that she has slipped out of her collar a couple of times when she got scared, and that can be dangerous. As I ran back to the mailbox, I saw a Vizsla dog off leash barking and coming after us. The dog was about 50 pounds or so, and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen him loose, no owner in sight. So that forced us to sprint across the street toward the school. Except now the school is surrounded by a chain-link fence, so we had to go all the way around. I am so fed up with people not taking care of their animals that I tried calling animal services to report this repeat offender. Of course, no answer because it is too late. But I will be calling them tomorrow. Finally, I run up to my house only to find my wife searching for one of our cats that escaped. I’m thinking about the Vizsla just five houses up that chased Heather, Kenai, and I. Great. But luckily Jill found her pretty quick. But still, I wasn’t happy. Time for a beer. 🙂

63 °F, 7mph WNW, 55%

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Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 2.69 Mile
Time: 00:27:44
Elevation Gain: 30 Feet

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