The Sweet Setup’s favorite photo editing app

The Sweet Setup picks Adobe Lightroom as the best photo editing app for the Mac. This may be true, but I can’t bring myself to buy an Adobe product. Every experience I have with Adobe products is really bad. It seems like every other day, I have a pop up on my computer to upgrade Flash. And have you ever used Adobe Acrobat X? That is a truly horrible product. I dread using it on my Windows computer at work. I even tried to buy Lightroom about a year ago, but they had some problem with the checkout process. I emailed support about it, and they ran down a list of things I should do to allow me to give them money. I refused to do it. If your website is messed up that I can’t even buy your product, I’m not going to buy your product. Even if Lightroom is the best photo editing app out there, I simply can’t bring myself to support such a crappy company. I just can’t support The Sweet Setup’s pick on this one. Maybe Lightroom is the best, but if you want a better customer experience with *almost* the best photo editing software for the Mac, buy Aperture instead. You can get it easily through the Mac App Store, and it’s about have to price of Lightroom.

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