Three Peaks

It was pretty chilly this morning when I started my run. I climbed Valencia Peak first. I had the entire trail and peak to myself, which is rare. Once I headed down Valencia, I was able to shed my jacket. Onward up Oates Peak. At the top of Oates, I saw a guy sitting up there. At first I thought he was meditating, since he didn’t move as I ran up. Finally, he did say hello, but I kept going so he could have the peak to himself. The next peak was Allen Peak. Not much to say about Allen. On the way down, I spotted a trail that headed into the Coon Creek Canyon. I had seen it on a map last night, so I figured I would give it a tray. It was steep, but fun to run this trail for the first time. Just as I was reaching the bottom of the trail, I ran into two more people. I said hello, and they just smiled and started clapping. That was kinda cool to get a motivation boost around mile 10 after about 2700 feet of climbing in the middle of nowhere. coon Creek trail was nice. It was the first time I had run there since the fire last year, and I was surprised to see that most of the trail was not burned. There was even some water flowing in the creek. However, this was also where I found my Garmin crashed again. The Garmin Fenix is a pile of crap. Really useless. I only tried it again today because they had a 4.0 firmware update that I thought might have fixed the problem. Nope. This is the very last time I will ever wear the Fenix. Luckily, I expected it would fail, so my iPhone was tracking too. There were lots of people as I got closer to the coast. The bluff trails are being “revitalized”, which means they are getting an ugly gravel road built along the cliffs. It was pretty disappointing to see. Maybe I’ll get used to it. But the run ended well. I had over 2800 feet of climbing and a solid 13 miles. It felt really good! Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 13.30 Mile
Time: 03:00:06
Elevation Gain: 2,854 Feet

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