Lunchtime 5k

I made it back home today from Visalia around lunchtime. It was overcast and looked like it was about to rain, so I had to head out for a short run with the dogs. It was nice, but Heather was lagging again around mile 2. The aloe Vera gel seems to be working well for my HR monitor. I’m still not totally happy with the Magellan Echo, but I think I’m going to hold into it for a while until something better comes out later this year. That something might be a Polar V800 or an Apple iwatch. Who knows?

57 °F, 0mph WNW, 72%

Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 3.47 Mile
Time: 00:33:54
Elevation Gain: 32 Feet

via Garmin Connect – evilkow

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