It is a bit sad that I had to introduce my new Ambit2 to my running world in one of the worst places I have ever run. But it was either that or don’t run. And I had to run today. I was in a bad mood because I was stuck in a place that disagrees with everything I find worthwhile in the world. I feel claustrophobic here. Traffic is ridiculous. People drive like idiots. It takes 25 minutes to drive to a location 5 miles away. Everything is under construction. The air smells like smog. There are no trails or decent places to run. You get the point. I ended up running down Pioneer Blvd. where everybody avoids eye contact, and I felt unsure about my safety. But I was glad to get out because I was cranky, and it helped. I’ll probably do it again. My new Suunto Ambit2 worked great. It is more intuitive than the Garmin in its functionality. But time will tell if it will crash or not. Very happy with the satellite acquisition. I was wearing it on my wrist, and it was ready to go in about 12 seconds. Garmins can’t acquire satellites without taking it off your wrist and keeping it totally still for a minute or so. Happy with it so far. Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 3.50 Mile
Time: 00:35:44
Elevation Gain: 15 Feet

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