Enjoying the Storm

It was a storm run today! Jill, Jessica, and I started from Meadow Park, but we went separate ways. I made it about 3 miles before the sky opened and the rain started to downpour. This was also right about when I was starting a climb up to the top of a peak (not sure of the name). Unfortunately, the route I picked lead me into private property, so I had to turn around toward an alternative route. I couldn’t help but just start laughing as I quickly became saturated. Running in the rain is so much fun! But then I hit the trail. And it was a steep trail. Actually, today, it was more of a creek than a trail. I made it up maybe a half mile or so before it became apparent that it was not a good idea to continue up. Treading on wet, muddy trails actually damages the trail and kills their sustainability. So I turned around. Minutes later I fell in the slick mud. The downhill is always what gets you. I made it back to the street, but the street was a small river now, and the wind was howling. I wondered what the hell drivers must think of the crazy runner plowing through the storm. I headed to the downtown area, around Palm St. People were huddled under an awning at the library trying the stay dry as my iPhone was screaming for air. Since my route was changed up a bit, I had to improvise in order to get 10 miles. Eventually, I made it back to Meadow Park, and the rain had stopped (the wind had not). It was great to get changed into some warm clothes and head to Big Sky for some food. Jill was kind enough to order a round of excellent Bloody Marys, which really hit the spot. I think I was craving the salt. But I also devoured the great food. It was a great day for a run! Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 10.09 Mile
Time: 01:55:51
Elevation Gain: 780 Feet

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