Carbon Canyon Climb

I ran on the forbidden trails today. The trails were closed by the state due to “adverse conditions”. Luckily, there was nothing adverse about them except the big hill I had to climb. The trail was in great shape. It got a little cold on top of the ridge as it started to get dark. I did run into a couple of other mountain bikers up there. As I looked down into Carbon Canyon, I saw traffic backed up for miles due to an accident that took place right at the bottom of the canyon. On the way down, my friend Kevin called me. For a change, I tried to take the call while running. I’m not sure it was pleasant for him since he said it sounded “like your running through a hurricane”. But I couldn’t stop running since it was getting dark quick, and I wasn’t very familiar with the area. But I got in my 8 miles. My right foot arch was a little sore. I think that is from running in the Newtons yesterday. I still need a decent pair of cushioned shoes, so I ordered another pair of Asics Trail 2000s today. This pair is the newer model, so I hope it fits similar. I’ll get them tomorrow and try them on an 18 miler on Saturday. Should be fun. Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 7.99 Mile
Time: 01:32:13
Elevation Gain: 1,085 Feet

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