Meet Bob

The highlight of the run today was when I ran into a bobcat at the halfway point. He didn’t see or hear me come up, so I was able to get closer than expected. But I still tried to keep my distance, for his sake. He was hunting a gopher or a squirrel. When he did finally see me, he walked in a direction that was angled toward me, which was surprising. So that was a nice treat. The nicest thing about it is that Orcutt Hills was filled with people today, but there was nobody around when I saw Bob. Otherwise, it was anice evening run. I took my usual 7 mile route and felt good the whole time. But that’s not to say I’m not looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 7.06 Mile
Time: 01:15:17
Elevation Gain: 701 Feet

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