Sandstone in the Mist

Another great run! Today I ran to the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains, Sandstone Peak. As the name of the peak might imply, there are a lot of sandstone formations in this area. Today, it was socked in with clouds/fog, and blowing with a cold gusty wind. As I was running, these massive structures would emerge out of the mist right in front of me. It was so foggy, I couldn’t see them until I was a dozen or so feet away. Surreal. I didn’t see a single person on the trail the entire time. It has been about 12 years since I’ve been on these trails, so I had fuzzy memory of the topography. My goal was six miles today, but I was running out of light and was a bit worried I would get lost on the way down. But everything turned out well. I finished just before it got dark with 1800 feet of climbing. My ears were warm for about 30 minutes after the run, which I think was the odd side effect of the being frozen for almost an hour and a half. Nice after work adventure in a place I rarely get to visit. Bing Map
Owner: evilkow
Activity Type: Running
Event Type: Uncategorized
Distance: 6.02 Mile
Time: 01:22:10
Elevation Gain: 1,597 Feet

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