Shooting at the Westlake Village Hyatt

I was staying at this hotel. This person got the details wrong. Nothing happened at 1am. But I was awaked at 2:30am by a siren coming through the PA system for about 15-20 seconds. I thought it was an alarm clock. When I realized it wasn’t, I tried to go back to sleep. But just as I was falling back to sleep at 3am or so, another siren came through the PA system in my room for about 5 seconds. Just enough to fully wake me up again and make me wonder what was going on. I figured some kid hit the fire alarm or an employee made some mistake. The Hyatt never informed the guests that the hotel was locked down or to stay in our rooms. They handled the situation poorly. At around 7:30am, a PA message came on saying the police had completed their investigation, and everyone could leave their rooms if they needed to. If you were on the fourth floor, you would need an escort to the lobby. When I walked down to the lobby to go to work, there were dozens of investigator everywhere I looked. There was yellow crime scene tape in a big area of the lobby next to a staircase. The whole thing was a bit surreal, but only because the Hyatt never really told us what was happening. A siren coming through a PA system at 2:30am is useless. Is it a fire? An earthquake? A prankster? Do we need to leave our rooms? None of those questions were answered. So how would the Hyatt conduct themselves in a real emergency? I’m not sure I want to find out.

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