Short Run on the Shortest Day of the Year

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 8 24 57 PM

I was really hesitant to get out there today because it was so damn cold. For half the day, there was a cold, stiff wind blowing that is really unpleasant. But the bottom line is that I had not been out for a run since Monday, and the German Shepherd needed some exercise.

So we headed out with my medium weight windbreaker in the dark. It wasn’t really that bad, and I actually felt ok most of the run besides a runny nose. Of course, the place was empty because nobody wants to be out in that stuff, so C Dog could be off leash. I always keep my eyes out for coyotes ever since the Pt. Sal encounter. Every time the dog ended up running behind me, after a few seconds, I would have to look back to make sure he was there. One time, he wasn’t! Luckily, I think he was just taking a bit of a pee, and he came running back. It probably wouldn’t have been such a pain if I didn’t have my headphones in, but I wouldn’t have heard anything if he was pulled away somehow.

But nothing happened. We got in a solid and quick 5k. It was cold. It was not pleasant. But it was done.

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