Three Peaks in the Clouds

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I wanted to run the Cuesta Ranch 14 Mile Trail Run today, but I didn’t want to pay the $120 that I didn’t really plan for. And that’s a tough run with lots of climbing. So instead, I decided to do my own tough 14 miler with lots of climbing at MDO.

Everything was cool and socked in with fog when I started. It was really nice, but it just continued to get nicer as I began the climbing. Clouds were interlaced with the hills and rolling over ridges and down canyons. It was really amazing. When I got to Oates Peak, I turned away from the ocean toward Alan Peak. That turned out to be quite a bit further back than I remembered it. After reaching Alan, I headed back down to Oates and then to the top of Valencia Peak. By that time, the clouds had mostly cleared from the ocean and tendrils of fog were still sitting in the canyons and around the peaks as I looked north toward Morro Rock and San Simeon. Just beautiful.

And the run felt great the entire time. It was tough, but I wanted tough. The legs felt good. The lungs felt good. It was a rejuvenating run.

Update: After looking at the map of the run, it looks like I didn’t make it to Alan Peak. That is surprising because, as I mentioned above, I didn’t think it was as far as I went today. So, it also makes me question if I have ever made it to Alan Peak. The trail was very overgrown between Oates and my turn around, and it completely disappeared where I turned around. Although I never saw a USGS marker, I kinda thought Alan Peak was just too insignificant to get a marker. Oh well. I got in my fourteen miles. Maybe I can try for Alan later. That peak doesn’t take away from todays run.

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