Friday Night Long Run

Screen Shot 2018 01 28 at 8 46 49 PM

I was not able to run this weekend (except maybe Sunday night), so I took my opportunity when I had it. And it was lovely. I had such a great night, and I felt strong. I planned to do 10 miles, but I extended it a bit. It was a cool night, but I had my perfect running jacket on the whole time, which made everything perfect. Never underestimate the benefit of proper clothing.

I ran into a set of four (maybe?) eyes looking at me at mile 7. I stopped to try to tell what the animal was. The only possibilities were house cat, bobcat, or a couple of gremlins. But I couldn’t get close enough, so I assume they were some mutant version of a gremlin, and I very nearly escaped with my life (unless they weren’t wet).

But other than that, it was an uneventful run. It just felt good. I’m ready for the half marathon race next week. Going back to church (I guess)!

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