Chapel to Church Half Marathon

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When I noticed that there was a half marathon in Santa Maria, I had to try it. It starts at the first historic landmark in Santa Maria which is right next to the Sisquoc Winery and leads around the foothills of Santa Maria. Yesterday’s weather report showed that it was going to be a warm run. I like be be completely self-sustaining, so I think I was the only person there that had a hydration pack. I’m fine with that. I know exactly what I’m eating and drinking, and I prefer it that way.

It’s a good thing because there were some weird things about this run even though it is the third year it’s been held. There was no “food” at any rest stops. Only water. So I was happy I provided for myself. I won’t get into the other weird things because I’m sure it is difficult to do a race like this. But I will state the obvious: it was a slightly long half marathon. Personally, I was fine with that. I could have gone for more.

But it was warm at the end. I was worried the heat would get to me as it has in the past. I did my best hydrating, and I think it paid off. There were some good hills, but it was nothing compared to my usual weekend runs. I was pretty happy to be able to run most of them. Everyone I talked to was very nice and supportive. So I think it was a success. Plus, it is my first race in about a year. It’s nice to “race” again even though I don’t usually go for speed.

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