Heavy Wind, Misty Rain, and Sticky Mud

I headed out to MDO today to run the trails in the rain. What I didn’t expect was the heavy wind that came with the rain. It was so uncomfortable in the beginning that I wasn’t sure I was going to complete the run. But eventually, I warmed up. But as I reached the top of Hazard Peak, the wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult to breathe, stand, and maintain my hat on my head. The wind was blowing probably around 40 mph. Eventually, I put my rain jacket hood on over the hat and cinched down the line to keep everything together. It worked well. It was also at this point that I ran into the only other person I saw the entire time: a lady that was also running. I have an affinity with people I run into in those types of conditions, although I can’t say that to a random female I’ve never met before.

Conditions on the trail were pretty good most of the time until I reached East Boundary Trail. That one had a sticky clay that accumulated on my shoes. After a few steps, you could gain ten pounds on your feet as well as a couple of inches in height. But it’s not fun to run that way. It was a bit tricky getting down East Boundary, but once I made it to Islay Canyon, everything was fine.

At the end of Islay, I connected back to the Hazard Peak Trail to get back to my car over by the Hiedra Trail. The wind was still howling, and I was completely saturated. Rain jackets don’t help in those conditions. I hoped to get more like 15 miles today, but under the circumstances, I was happy with 11. It was not an easy run, but that’s what it’s all about.

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