Exploring the Buckeye Trail

Today, I decided to explore a trail I have never been on: the Buckeye Trail. I read some trail reports last night, and the conditions seemed good, but it sounded like a steep climb. Highway 1 was closed right after the trailhead (literally within 200 feet of the trailhead) due to the huge landslide that happened last year. That won’t be cleared up for a couple of years if I were to guess.

Sure enough, it was steep. It was quite chilly at the start, but even after about 10 minutes, I had to shed my jacket due to the incline. But it wasn’t long before the views of the coastline started paying off. It was delightful traversing the west side of the Ventana Wilderness in and out of steep little canyons filled with tall pine trees. A few of the creeks were flowing well.

I finally reached the Buckeye Camp, and it was a really nice place. There was a meadow bordered with pine, oak and four big eucalyptus trees. A small creek was flowing down the south side. I enjoyed it very much.

Eventually, I decided to turn around. I had a blister developing on my right heal for some annoying reason, and I was probably a bit low energy due to the last three days of running. There wasn’t a definite turnaround point anyway, and it was steeper than anticipated. If I don’t have a goal to continue climbing for, it can get hard to continue. Also, the wind higher on the hill was piercingly cold. I was the only person out there.

It was a successful exploration and well worth the climb. I couldn’t have asked to be anywhere else today. Perfect.

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