PCTR MDO Half Marathon

It was a super fun trail race today run by Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) at one of my favorite running locations even though it wasn’t a true 13.1. It rained pretty good yesterday, so everything smelled good. Around mile 8, things started getting sticky. The trail was super muddy. It was funny seeing so many people so perturbed by the mud. I tried to be supportive, but I also laughed out loud a couple times (not in a disrespectful way). When I got to Islay Canyon, I was still feeling good, so I reeled in a few runners. Finally, I ran a section of trail I’ve never been on that included a nice little creek crossing. Everyone was super friendly as it is all all trail races I’ve been to. At the end, they actually had vegan food options which included vegan tacos and soup. Very nice. But I was super surprised to find out I won the half marathon distance in my age group. That’s never happened before. I very well may find that I was the only 40-something running that distance today, but it was a cool surprise either way. Very good morning. And now the rain is coming in. That will make it even better.

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