Heaviest Rain!

Today’s run was what I thought yesterday’s run was going to be (video coming soon). I took the German Shepherd out with me again, and I think he may have regretted it. Most of the run was a drizzle or a light rain. The dog and I cooperatively decided to go a little further than yesterday, so we ended up in the edges of Rice Ranch Park. I really love running in the rain, if I haven’t already made that apparent in past posts. There were moments today that the C dog and I just stopped to enjoy the rain coming down. I can’t help but laugh in those moments because they make me so happy. But the finale was well-timed for maximal impact.

In the last half mile, just as I was getting off the trails, the sky opened up and dumped a real downpour on us. I mean, this was flash flood level stuff. Within a couple of minutes, the streams looked like rivers. The road leading to the parking area was 2-3 inches deep. The roads above were flooded. Assuming nobody got hurt, that was exactly what I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to be in the downpour. I wanted saturation.

The C dog might have thought otherwise. This is absolutely the heaviest rain he has experience in his life (with his real family, at least). I think he was mostly fine with it, but water in the eyes can be uncomfortable. He did fine with light rain, but this drenching was like a bath to him, and he doesn’t like baths. But we were close to the car at that time.

I ran up to the car laughing at the fact that I was lucky enough to get the exact conditions I wanted, and I let the German Shepherd into the car. My car will probably suffer for that, but there was no other option. It was so much fun. I absolutely love weather like that. The only unfortunate thing is that I took video of yesterday’s run, not today’s. But the lens may have been blurred by all the rain today anyway. Today was just for me and C dog. And that’s fine with me.

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