Old Prospect Trail and Clumsy Feet

I started my run out of Johnson Ranch today. When I reached Froom Canyon, I decided to check out the Old Prospect Trail since I had never explored it very far. I honestly didn’t think it would go very far, but I was wrong. The steep trail connects up to the Wednesday Trail and the Ocean View Trail. So you can get a lot of miles out of the combination of Johnson Ranch and Irish Hills Preserve.

I was stumbling a lot today right from the start. I felt really clumsy until I realized that it wasn’t me being clumsy, but my feet. I just had to keep a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t purposely faceplant me. I honestly didn’t think I would make it through the run without a fall, but incredibly, I made it.

It got a bit warm near the end, and there were tons of people on the trails near the parking lot, but everyone was polite and aware, so it was fine. I was super happy that my shins were not bothering me at all today even though they really worried me just two days ago on a five miler. No idea how that works, but I’m happy. Next week is the Tar Springs 25k. Should be fun!

2 Comments on “Old Prospect Trail and Clumsy Feet

  1. Hey kris; saw your name on it so I read it. What’s wrong with your shins? Where are these trails?

  2. Hey Rob, last year I got a stress fracture on my right shin due to an overuse injury. It happened after two 20 mile runs in two weeks. It took over three months to recover. This year, I’m being super careful. Every little pain makes me think I’m doing something wrong. But pain when training up in mileage is inevitable. Just gotta try to decipher what is a real problem and what isn’t.

    The trails I ran on Saturday are in San Luis Obispo. You can always click the map and it will open to my Strava activity that will allow you to zoom the map in and out. San Luis Obispo has some of my favorite trails. Really fun.

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