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Tar Springs 25k

Wet, brutal, steep, rainy, muddy, cloudy, cold, brutal, beautiful, green, fun, brutal, and kinda tough. It was lightly drizzling in the half hour leading up to the start. I was ready for it and excited to run trails… Read More

Old Prospect Trail and Clumsy Feet

I started my run out of Johnson Ranch today. When I reached Froom Canyon, I decided to check out the Old Prospect Trail since I had never explored it very far. I honestly didn’t think it would go… Read More

Heaviest Rain!

Today’s run was what I thought yesterday’s run was going to be (video coming soon). I took the German Shepherd out with me again, and I think he may have regretted it. Most of the run was a… Read More

PCTR MDO Half Marathon

It was a super fun trail race today run by Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) at one of my favorite running locations even though it wasn’t a true 13.1. It rained pretty good yesterday, so everything smelled good…. Read More

Exploring the Buckeye Trail

Today, I decided to explore a trail I have never been on: the Buckeye Trail. I read some trail reports last night, and the conditions seemed good, but it sounded like a steep climb. Highway 1 was closed… Read More

Heavy Wind, Misty Rain, and Sticky Mud

I headed out to MDO today to run the trails in the rain. What I didn’t expect was the heavy wind that came with the rain. It was so uncomfortable in the beginning that I wasn’t sure I… Read More

Chapel to Church Half Marathon

When I noticed that there was a half marathon in Santa Maria, I had to try it. It starts at the first historic landmark in Santa Maria which is right next to the Sisquoc Winery and leads around… Read More

Friday Night Long Run

I was not able to run this weekend (except maybe Sunday night), so I took my opportunity when I had it. And it was lovely. I had such a great night, and I felt strong. I planned to… Read More

The German Shepherd and the Incoming Rain

Once again, I was trying to time my run to hit the worst of the rain today. But the forecast kept changing. I finally decided on a late daylight run. It still wasn’t raining when I started, but… Read More

Three Peaks in the Clouds

I wanted to run the Cuesta Ranch 14 Mile Trail Run today, but I didn’t want to pay the $120 that I didn’t really plan for. And that’s a tough run with lots of climbing. So instead, I… Read More