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The Victims of the Montecito Mudslides

Montecito is one of the most affluent communities in the world. It is beautiful. It is devoid of strip malls and chain restaurants. It is nestled in the foothills of incredible nature and wildlife that include peaks almost… Read More

How to Crush Trump

Excellent read today from Ryan Cooper at The Week in How to Crush Trump: “Mainstream Republicans and the conservative movement produced Trump, and they will continue to protect him so they can keep looting the country. Republican lawmakers… Read More

The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality Rules

Today is a sad day. The FCC, led by yet another incompetent Republican clown, Ajit Pai, repealed net neutrality rules, which restrict the power of Internet service providers to influence loading speeds for specific websites or apps. They… Read More

Donate to Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Lots of things are messed up in this country right now, and there seems to be a lot of division, but now is a time to come together and help people in need. The people of Houston, Texas… Read More

Trump’s Continued Incompetency is Getting MORE Dangerous

This stuff isn’t going away. Trump is deteriorating our international relations, instigating wars and stresses between nations, provoking and condoning violence within our own country, and continuously ignoring common sense politics that have driven this country for close… Read More

What is the Alt-Right? This is It.

Watch this video. It is 22 minutes of truth about what we are dealing with in this country. There are parts of our country that are disgusting, despicable. Deplorable. These people claiming to “protect history” are the worst… Read More

Four Weeks of Trump Incompetence

Our president is completely incompetent to lead this country. There is so much evidence of this, but this short CNN video reminds you of only the last four weeks of chaos caused by the orange moron in blunt… Read More

Seth Meyer’s Statement on Charlottesville

  The president of the United States is a piece of trash.

Link : After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

This opinion piece by Alexandra Petri really nails the contrast between what the Republicans say and what they do. Now that we live in a country run by a misogynistic, racist, uneducated liar, it is important for all… Read More

Link: Last Week Tonight on Vaccines

This video by Last Week Tonight hits the problems with anti-vaxxers so many times, I don’t have a “best” line to share here. Vaccines save lives. If you don’t vaccinate your child, you are contributing to the problem,… Read More