What is the Alt-Right? This is It.

Watch this video. It is 22 minutes of truth about what we are dealing with in this country. There are parts of our country that are disgusting, despicable. Deplorable. These people claiming to “protect history” are the worst of the worst. We can call them Nazis, white supremacists, alt-right, Mitch McConnell, or Donald Trump, but they are all on the wrong side of history.

I cancelled my membership to the ACLU this week due to their support of free speech at all costs. That is wrong. Somebody died over this version of free speech protected by the ACLU. If free speech is inciting violence against other – any others – it is wrong. This should be self-evident, but apparently too many people in this country can’t think for themselves. Of course, those people are a small minority. They are literally terrorists. But it’s still too many people. Free speech is a right, but there are obvious boundaries. For all the good they do, the ACLU does not know those boundaries. This trash must be marginalized.


Clinging to Sleep

Clinging to Sleep – Somewhere in Alaska

I was just perusing some photos from an Alaskan trip, and I was struck with this photo. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth sharing.

Four Weeks of Trump Incompetence

Our president is completely incompetent to lead this country. There is so much evidence of this, but this short CNN video reminds you of only the last four weeks of chaos caused by the orange moron in blunt starkness.

Keep reminding yourself of this fact. Don’t let it become normal. This isn’t normal.

To see the 2 minute 43 second video, click here.

Do the Shin Rehab

It takes time to rehabilitate an injury. This is part of it.

Seth Meyer’s Statement on Charlottesville


The president of the United States is a piece of trash.

Peak dog at the summit. #thisisoptimism #ligpetcontest

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My dogs enjoying a beautiful Pt. Sal sunset. #thisisoptimism #ligpetcontest

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The Wave

Jill and I have been doing some painting lately, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Tonight we did an open painting evening. Jill choose to paint cherry blossoms while I chose to paint a wave from the inside. The paintings are not originals, but of course, you add your own style to them. You are not required to mimic the example. This is my third painting, and it is getting a lot more fun as I learn more. Of course, the wine helps. To be clear, the place is called Wine and Design. You’ll probably see more paintings shared here.

Learning to make (vegan) sushi

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