The Tree of Contemplation

Don’t be too impressed (or disgusted, please). Only the color is mine. This one was done using the Pigment iOS app on the iPad. It was really relaxing to do this tonight. I like the outcome even though I learned of additional ways to make it better as I completed the above. But I like it. I hope you do too.

One Mile PR?

I decided to give the Strava one mile PR challenge a shot. The only problem is that I am a long distance runner. I have no strategy for shorter distances, and I have no idea what my one mile PR is. No matter. I pushed as hard as I could anyway… which may not be very impressive. It felt like my lungs were going to explode. I was pretty sure I was going to die. But it was fun for a quick run. I guess.

It turns out this this is my second fastest mile according to Strava. I missed my Strava PR by eight seconds. That makes me wonder when my fastest mile was. My guess? It was on a downhill during some longer run. On the other hand, I didn’t stack the deck in my favor today. I ran in the midday during recovery. Sure, I could get a faster mile if I was running downhill, but I’m happy with this one on flat land.

Hot and Slow

It was uncomfortable on Saturday. I got out at a decent time, but it was already hot. It wasn’t long before I felt super slow and unmotivated. I tried to push through because that is what I am training to do. But I didn’t. I turned around. I guess that means I have to get out again tomorrow. It will be next to impossible to run during the week, so this weekend is my chance. The only interesting event was when I ran into a large snake on the trail on my way back. I thought I saw the rattle on it, but as I got closer, I realized the rattle was the snake’s head. It was just a gopher snake, but it had just grabbed breakfast, so it had a big bulge in the middle. I hope he picks up his crap and leaves because a mountain biker will not see him in time if he stays there.

Figueroa Mileage

I planned to get between 18 and 20 miles today. I would have had 20, but I kept running out of trail. I ran the length of the Catway until I hit a dead end. Then I ran back and took the Zaca Peak fireroad. I ran out of fireroad there, but continued on a very overgrown single track until it became too overgrown to continue.

But I ended up with 19.4 miles, and that’s close enough to 20. In the beginning of the run, it was 40 degrees and super foggy. Four miles in, I made it above the fog for some great views. It got a bit warm for the next few miles, but right around the halfway point, clouds started moving in, and it cooled off. It made for a very nice run.

There was not much wildlife to be seen today, but I did run into a horned toad. I used to see those things all the time when I was a kid, but I almost never see them now. My legs felt good the entire run. My feet didn’t hurt as bad as the last 18 miler. I’m tired now, but feeling good. Good stuff today.

It’s Time for Impeachment

Trump has consistently shown himself to be incompetent and potentially unstable. However, he has also shown himself to be a complete liar and obstructing the justice proceedings during the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday confirmed suspicions many people already had. It’s time for impeachment proceeding to begin. Sign the petition at

Mystic Canyon Trail Climb

Being in Glendora again, I decided to hit up the best trail I have found in the area so far: the Mystic Canyon Trail. It was about 80° at the start, and it is a steep climb. I shot some GoPro footage while I was out there to make it more interesting. It was actually really nice, especially in the higher elevations where there was more of a breeze. I enjoyed it, and my legs felt good.

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