Link : After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

This opinion piece by Alexandra Petri really nails the contrast between what the Republicans say and what they do. Now that we live in a country run by a misogynistic, racist, uneducated liar, it is important for all of Congress to speak out against the president’s crack-pot, late-night sober tweets. But Republicans are not doing that. Instead they are supporting version 3.0 of the Muslim Ban, version 2.5 of the so-called “health care” act, and any other legislation eliminating any semblance of scientific research or environmentalism. You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to support science and environmentalism. You just have to be a common-sense human. Apparently, Republicans do not possess either of those traits.

Take notice of the actual actions politicians take to the president’s rants and offenses. Actions matter. Words do not. If you don’t hold them accountable, this ignorant hatred will be normalized, and it will define our country for a long time.

The GOP Just Sold Your Privacy

It’s been a bad day for Americans. Two big things happened. Donald Trump signed an Executive Order cutting all of the EPA’s environmental protections. I won’t get into that here.

And the GOP finalized their plan to sell all ISP web browsing history to advertisers. That means that everything you do online can be data mined and used to target you with ads. And even worse, it is clear that many of these companies don’t have the highest standard for security, so it will probably get stolen by hackers. This is not a slippery slope argument. This happens with big corporations many times every year: Yahoo, Home Depot, Target, etc. The list is so, so, so much longer.

And then who will have your data? If you don’t care about advertisers having data, how will you feel about trolls that can identify what kind of toilet paper you prefer, where you want to go for vacation, that new job your looking for, your preference for men, women, or guitars. Everything is free game. If you browse to it online, it will be used against you.

And WHY? Why does the GOP support this. What benefit does it bring to the American people? Nothing. It is a losing game for everyone except big business using the data for advertising and big criminals using the data to screw you. There is NO BENEFIT. Thsi is bad.

Read the article.

Steve Bannon is a Danger to the United States

This guy spent many years running an extreme right wing talk show as well as news on Breitbart (don’t go there, please). Steve Bannon is an extremist. He is way out of wack with the general population of the United States. Yet, he is the president’s chief advisor – the same president (lower case, yes) that follows other extremist conspiracy quacks like Alex Jones).

So take a look at this short video about Bannon. Everyone should learn what they can about these individuals being pulled into the cabinet of an incompetent president.

Take This Survey

Wow, this is the most ridiculous survey I have ever seen. As far as proper and accurate polling goes, it is worthless. The questions are loaded and poorly-worded. Typical Drumpf.

*So go take it!

The GOP Wants Mentally Impaired to Have Guns

Per Politico, “The Republican-led Senate voted Wednesday to block an Obama-era regulation that would prevent an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. The measure now goes to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.”

Why in the world would Republicans want to allow mentally impaired to have guns when it is only the mentally impaired that go on mass shooting rampages? What possible rational reason could there possibly be for this decision?

If you want to see how bad this decision really is, simply look at the data on this excellent FiveThirtyEight article. Stopping mentally impaired people from buying guns is a very conservative step that would affect very few people – those who should be affected.

When the next mass shooting occurs in this country, the blood is on the hands of the GOP and Trump.

Incompetent White House

You really have to wonder about the competency of the Trump Administration. But what did Trump voters really expect when voting for a person that has never held any political position and never worked for the government in any way? He’s an outsider, and when you vote for an outsider, you might see incompetency such as the following:

  • The New York Times states that, “Aides confer in the dark because they cannot figure out how to operate the light switches in the cabinet room.” Although incompetent, I think you should expect this group to be able to find the lights, but I guess not.
  • The Administration removed the Judicial Branch from the White House website. Did they not know that there are threee branches of government, or was this just bad web design. We don’t know, but we do know that Trump doesn’t believe federal judges should have the right to rule his Execute Orders unconstitutional.
  • And speaking of Executive Orders, the White House doesn’t even know what version of Trump’s Executive Orders are correct. Reported today in USA Today, the White House posts wrong versions of Trump’s Executive Orders.
  • Finally, even though the White House has always been open to the public, not so with the Trump Administration. According to the White House website and reported by the Washington Post, “White House Tours will be temporarily unavailable until the Trump Administration is ready to begin processing Public Tour requests.” What the hell is going on in there?

If you can’t trust this Administration with such basic things as lights, knowing how many branches of government there are, posting the correct Executive Orders, and doing basic public tours of the White House, how can you trust them with the economy, nuclear weapons, and our Constitutional Rights?

Senator Elizabeth Warren Silenced

News moves so fast these days, it’s difficult to keep up with the incredible amount of injustice occuring. Yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren was reading a letter that Coretta Scott King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s wife) had written to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 opposing [Jeff] Sessions’ nomination for a federal judgeship as a matter of public record. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell interrupted her stating that she was violating Senate Rule XIX — which prevents any senator from using “any form of words [to] impute to another Senator… any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.” The Republicans took two votes which ended in silencing Senator Warren with a 43-50 vote.

This is outrageous. If a Senator cannot read or convey the views of the public if they are negative toward a nominee that is also a Senator, then that nominee will never have anything negative said about them despite the incompetence of that nominee. As Senator Chris Murphy stated in a tweet, “Rules against criticizing other Senators cannot apply when you are DEBATING THE NOMINATION OF A SENATOR!” Of course, they can’t.

Not only that, but while Senator Warren was not allowed to read the letter, Senator Jeff Merkley was allowed to continue reading much of the letter depite some of the content containing words to “impute to another Senator … any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.” So, was this the silencing of a woman, specifically?

Nevertheless, the Republicans shot themselves in the foot, because this subject is receiving tons of media attention. So read the letter. Watch the video below. Stop the Republicans if you value a true democracy.

UPDATE: Senator Bernie Sanders also read the letter in front of Congress without being silenced. More and more, this is looking like sexism – something that Trump and his Administration have condoned, something the the weak Republicans cannot stand up to even though they know it is wrong.

I Am Angry Today

Today, incompetent billionaire Betsy DeVos was confirmed for Secretary of Education with a 51-50 vote. You may notice that there are only 100 Senators in Congress, so how could there be a 51-50 vote? Well, in the case of a tie, tiny puppet man, Mike Pence gets to break the tie, and break the tie he did. If you want to know how your state Senator voted, check out this article. If your state Senator did not vote they way you wanted, let them know. They are easy to contact.

In addition to this atrocity, Trump, through an Executive Order, is pushing the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL) forward through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation without the normal 14-day environmental impact assessment. The work will be allowed to being after only 24 hours.

All of this makes me incredibly angry. I am saddened that Republicans are completely in the pockets of donors when it came to DeVos. I am furious that big oil is going to win against the wishes of Native Americans once again. It feels like a helpless situation, but we caan’t give up the Resistance.

Luckily, Keith Olbermann has been putting out some excellent, angry, and well thought-out commentary against Trump and all that he is causing. This seems to be the perfect day to share his entire series titled The Resistance, but specifically this commentary on the 50 Craziest Things Trump Has Done As President.

Can’t Win? Change the Rules

I have heard the phrase more in the last two weeks than in my entire life: We are in the middle of a Constitutional crisis. We live in a democracy, but the Republicans, emboldened by the Trump win, are removing the checks and balances that make democracy work. If they try to do something, and they gain resistance from the Democrats, they are simply changing the rules to their favor. This will not end well.

Most recently, GOP Senators change the rules once again to push Scott Pruitt forward as head of the EPA. He doesn’t believe in climate change even though 97% of scientists do believe climate change is human caused. He has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gas and oil industry. He doesn’t believe in transparency with information. He supports fracking.

Scott Pruitt doesn’t believe in science. And the GOP is changing the rules to push his nomination forward. Contact your Senators to let them know you do not support his nomination or their anti-democratic tactics.


There are many Republicans that say about Trump, “Give him a chance,” or “He’s already going great things,” or “He’s doing exactly what he said he would do.” My response, “I gave him a chance, and in the first few days in office, he has started destroying our country.” It is bad. Really bad. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at this list of atrocities that have occurred in the first two days of February alone (Via John Gruber of Daring Fireball.)

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