The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality Rules

Today is a sad day. The FCC, led by yet another incompetent Republican clown, Ajit Pai, repealed net neutrality rules, which restrict the power of Internet service providers to influence loading speeds for specific websites or apps. They did this while ignoring public opinion as well as allowing tens of thousands of fake comments to be admitted from the FCC website. Ajit Pai even posted a video yesterday mocking Americans that are against repealing net neutrality.

The repeal is not good, but the open brazenness our current government has against its citizens is repulsive and anti-democratic. Luckily, there is still something that can be done.

Call and write Congress, and let them know that you want them to pass a resolution of disapproval to overturn the FCC vote. And to make it easy, just go to this website: With just a couple of clicks and two minutes of your time, you can get the message to the right people. Do it.


What is the Alt-Right? This is It.

Watch this video. It is 22 minutes of truth about what we are dealing with in this country. There are parts of our country that are disgusting, despicable. Deplorable. These people claiming to “protect history” are the worst of the worst. We can call them Nazis, white supremacists, alt-right, Mitch McConnell, or Donald Trump, but they are all on the wrong side of history.

I cancelled my membership to the ACLU this week due to their support of free speech at all costs. That is wrong. Somebody died over this version of free speech protected by the ACLU. If free speech is inciting violence against other – any others – it is wrong. This should be self-evident, but apparently too many people in this country can’t think for themselves. Of course, those people are a small minority. They are literally terrorists. But it’s still too many people. Free speech is a right, but there are obvious boundaries. For all the good they do, the ACLU does not know those boundaries. This trash must be marginalized.


Link : After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

This opinion piece by Alexandra Petri really nails the contrast between what the Republicans say and what they do. Now that we live in a country run by a misogynistic, racist, uneducated liar, it is important for all of Congress to speak out against the president’s crack-pot, late-night sober tweets. But Republicans are not doing that. Instead they are supporting version 3.0 of the Muslim Ban, version 2.5 of the so-called “health care” act, and any other legislation eliminating any semblance of scientific research or environmentalism. You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to support science and environmentalism. You just have to be a common-sense human. Apparently, Republicans do not possess either of those traits.

Take notice of the actual actions politicians take to the president’s rants and offenses. Actions matter. Words do not. If you don’t hold them accountable, this ignorant hatred will be normalized, and it will define our country for a long time.

Trump’s Lies

It is well past the time that Trump’s Lies get much more coverage. We are already getting desensitized to the inhumane actions of the Republican party as they are reinforced by a jackass president. The fourth, fifth, or sixth version of the Obamacare killer is yet another example of their disconnection with the general public. But Trump drives it all. Sure, there is fake news, but Trump is a downright liar like the United States has never seen before. He contradicts himself constantly. He lies to make his own life easier. If you choose to be blind to this fact, you are part of the problem.

Take a look at all of Trump’s Lies, as reported by one of the most well-respected news organizations in the country. The New York Times is not fake news. If you think it is, you are a conspiracy theorist, and probably nothing can save you. Click here to read all of them..

Here is an excerpt:

Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.

It’s Time for Impeachment

Trump has consistently shown himself to be incompetent and potentially unstable. However, he has also shown himself to be a complete liar and obstructing the justice proceedings during the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday confirmed suspicions many people already had. It’s time for impeachment proceeding to begin. Sign the petition at

Recent Must-Listen Podcasts

Coincidentally (or probably not coincidentally), I ran across two separate podcasts in my usual rounds that both related to the plight of refugees. They are both excellent and enthralling – so much so that I have to recommend them here. In the past, I have written about the fact that if we want to be decent human beings, we must empathize with the situation most refugees are in. The only way to do that is to hear about their stories, their struggles, and the danger they might face. Both of these podcasts convey this well. They may or may not move you to want to allow more refugees to enter into the U.S., but to be informed of their situation can never be a bad thing.

I am slightly lying. There are three podcasts, but one of them is a two-part episode on the same subject. Check them out below and subscribe to their feed if you like them.

Take This Survey

Wow, this is the most ridiculous survey I have ever seen. As far as proper and accurate polling goes, it is worthless. The questions are loaded and poorly-worded. Typical Drumpf.

*So go take it!

The GOP Wants Mentally Impaired to Have Guns

Per Politico, “The Republican-led Senate voted Wednesday to block an Obama-era regulation that would prevent an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. The measure now goes to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.”

Why in the world would Republicans want to allow mentally impaired to have guns when it is only the mentally impaired that go on mass shooting rampages? What possible rational reason could there possibly be for this decision?

If you want to see how bad this decision really is, simply look at the data on this excellent FiveThirtyEight article. Stopping mentally impaired people from buying guns is a very conservative step that would affect very few people – those who should be affected.

When the next mass shooting occurs in this country, the blood is on the hands of the GOP and Trump.

A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature – XKCD

I just ran across this excellent illustration by XKCD about the dramatic changes in temperature happening right now within the context of the last 22,000 years (since the last ice age). Excellent. Click the image to see the complete timeline.

When people say “The climate has changed before,” these are the kinds of changes they’re talking about.

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