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How to Crush Trump

Excellent read today from Ryan Cooper at The Week in How to Crush Trump: “Mainstream Republicans and the conservative movement produced Trump, and they will continue to protect him so they can keep looting the country. Republican lawmakers… Read More

The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality Rules

Today is a sad day. The FCC, led by yet another incompetent Republican clown, Ajit Pai, repealed net neutrality rules, which restrict the power of Internet service providers to influence loading speeds for specific websites or apps. They… Read More

Link : After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

This opinion piece by Alexandra Petri really nails the contrast between what the Republicans say and what they do. Now that we live in a country run by a misogynistic, racist, uneducated liar, it is important for all… Read More

The GOP Just Sold Your Privacy

It’s been a bad day for Americans. Two big things happened. Donald Trump signed an Executive Order cutting all of the EPA’s environmental protections. I won’t get into that here. And the GOP finalized their plan to sell… Read More

Take This Survey

Wow, this is the most ridiculous survey I have ever seen. As far as proper and accurate polling goes, it is worthless. The questions are loaded and poorly-worded. Typical Drumpf. *So go take it!

The GOP Wants Mentally Impaired to Have Guns

Per Politico, “The Republican-led Senate voted Wednesday to block an Obama-era regulation that would prevent an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. The measure now goes to President Donald Trump, who… Read More

Senator Elizabeth Warren Silenced

News moves so fast these days, it’s difficult to keep up with the incredible amount of injustice occuring. Yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren was reading a letter that Coretta Scott King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s wife) had written to… Read More