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The German Shepherd and the Incoming Rain

Once again, I was trying to time my run to hit the worst of the rain today. But the forecast kept changing. I finally decided on a late daylight run. It still wasn’t raining when I started, but… Read More

Three Peaks in the Clouds

I wanted to run the Cuesta Ranch 14 Mile Trail Run today, but I didn’t want to pay the $120 that I didn’t really plan for. And that’s a tough run with lots of climbing. So instead, I… Read More

2017 Running Year in Review

This is a quick recap of my running year put together by Strava. It is always nice to see those numbers all added up. But it is also a little disappointing since it should have been a better… Read More

Great Run to Start the Year

I headed out late in the afternoon for a five miler. I purposely timed it as the sun was setting and brought my headlamp. There were a lot of people around when I started but almost nobody left… Read More

Christmas Evening Five

The German Shepherd and I headed out to Santa Maria Mesa Rd. for a run through the vineyards before finishing up the Christmas dinner cooking. It was another perfect time to run. It was cool, but not cold…. Read More

Hazard Peak and Lots of Sand

It was a chilly morning, but it turned out to be an absolutely perfect day to run. Skies were clear, trails were not crowded, and there was no wind. Today, I did a little exploring after climbing Hazard… Read More

Short Run on the Shortest Day of the Year

I was really hesitant to get out there today because it was so damn cold. For half the day, there was a cold, stiff wind blowing that is really unpleasant. But the bottom line is that I had… Read More

MDO in the Dark

For some reason, I have never run at Montana de Oro at night. I’m not sure why because it is a beautiful place at night. I know the trails very well, but that didn’t stop me from taking… Read More

Best Run All Week

The runs have been either mediocre or bad this week. I was almost dreading doing it again, even though it is just a short distance. But today, everything was clicking. I was having fun and felt relatively strong…. Read More

Quick Rice Ranch Loop

Tonight, I just had to get out for a short run to stretch my legs and get the German Shepherd some exercise. It was totally dark when I started, and it was a bit cold. It was surprisingly… Read More