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The German Shepherd and the Incoming Rain

Once again, I was trying to time my run to hit the worst of the rain today. But the forecast kept changing. I finally decided on a late daylight run. It still wasn’t raining when I started, but… Read More

Three Peaks in the Clouds

I wanted to run the Cuesta Ranch 14 Mile Trail Run today, but I didn’t want to pay the $120 that I didn’t really plan for. And that’s a tough run with lots of climbing. So instead, I… Read More

Great Run to Start the Year

I headed out late in the afternoon for a five miler. I purposely timed it as the sun was setting and brought my headlamp. There were a lot of people around when I started but almost nobody left… Read More

Hazard Peak and Lots of Sand

It was a chilly morning, but it turned out to be an absolutely perfect day to run. Skies were clear, trails were not crowded, and there was no wind. Today, I did a little exploring after climbing Hazard… Read More

Short Run on the Shortest Day of the Year

I was really hesitant to get out there today because it was so damn cold. For half the day, there was a cold, stiff wind blowing that is really unpleasant. But the bottom line is that I had… Read More

MDO in the Dark

For some reason, I have never run at Montana de Oro at night. I’m not sure why because it is a beautiful place at night. I know the trails very well, but that didn’t stop me from taking… Read More

Best Run All Week

The runs have been either mediocre or bad this week. I was almost dreading doing it again, even though it is just a short distance. But today, everything was clicking. I was having fun and felt relatively strong…. Read More

Quick Rice Ranch Loop

Tonight, I just had to get out for a short run to stretch my legs and get the German Shepherd some exercise. It was totally dark when I started, and it was a bit cold. It was surprisingly… Read More

Blame It On the Smoke

Wow, today’s run was tough. It was far tougher than a ten miler should be. I’m not sure exactly why that was. I started the run under some smoky skies. The Thomas Fire in Ventura, my home town… Read More

Slower Than My Nose

I think this is the first 10k I have done in about a month. Being busy with work and catching a cold didn’t help my mileage goals. But today was a nice run. I wasn’t quite as fast… Read More