Trump’s Continued Incompetency is Getting MORE Dangerous

This stuff isn’t going away. Trump is deteriorating our international relations, instigating wars and stresses between nations, provoking and condoning violence within our own country, and continuously ignoring common sense politics that have driven this country for close to 250 years.

Now, we have to worry about nuclear war with North Korea. North Korea is run by a horrible little man that has no ethics (like Trump), but provoking him with undiplomatic drivel normally used in a middle school playground is unnecessary and dangerous. Nuclear war is not a way to show power. It is a way to show either desperation (North Korea) or ineptitude (Trump). Nuclear war would kill millions of innocent people. It is only an answer for animals.

We now have to worry about nazis in our own country. Last night’s post emphasized the terrorism that exists within our borders. This segment of society hasn’t been so vocal and brazen in a hundred years. Why are we going backwards?

We now have to worry about critical damage to the sciences. Trump has no education about basic science. He believes the human heart only has a finite number of beats in a lifetime, so exercise is bad. utter nonsense. He is defunding climate science despite the fact that those repercussions are being felt right now, and they will only get worse at a rapid pace. Trump wants science dead despite the fact that science is the only reason he is alive right now.

We have to worry about deteriorating economy. Trump is wrong on almost every economic front. His “America first” mentality is not the way to grow economy. His plan to kick out 2-3 million immigrants does not grow economy. His plan to replace and repeal the ACA will not grow economy. His plan to hinder renewable energy development (aka: science) will not grow the economy. Any one of these things might be fine, but all of them together are a recipe for economic disaster for Americans.

We have to worry about having a liar and a manipulator as our president. This guy is a horrible human being. He advocates sexual assault. He lies constantly despite recorded evidence that he is lying. He promotes and provokes violence, white supremacy, and racism. He uses the office of President as a way to leverage his own businesses. He is too stupid to realize when he is being manipulated. This joker has the nuclear codes. This moron can pardon anyone. This trash can destroy the United States of American. Literally.


Four Weeks of Trump Incompetence

Our president is completely incompetent to lead this country. There is so much evidence of this, but this short CNN video reminds you of only the last four weeks of chaos caused by the orange moron in blunt starkness.

Keep reminding yourself of this fact. Don’t let it become normal. This isn’t normal.

To see the 2 minute 43 second video, click here.

Link : After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

This opinion piece by Alexandra Petri really nails the contrast between what the Republicans say and what they do. Now that we live in a country run by a misogynistic, racist, uneducated liar, it is important for all of Congress to speak out against the president’s crack-pot, late-night sober tweets. But Republicans are not doing that. Instead they are supporting version 3.0 of the Muslim Ban, version 2.5 of the so-called “health care” act, and any other legislation eliminating any semblance of scientific research or environmentalism. You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to support science and environmentalism. You just have to be a common-sense human. Apparently, Republicans do not possess either of those traits.

Take notice of the actual actions politicians take to the president’s rants and offenses. Actions matter. Words do not. If you don’t hold them accountable, this ignorant hatred will be normalized, and it will define our country for a long time.

Trump’s Lies

It is well past the time that Trump’s Lies get much more coverage. We are already getting desensitized to the inhumane actions of the Republican party as they are reinforced by a jackass president. The fourth, fifth, or sixth version of the Obamacare killer is yet another example of their disconnection with the general public. But Trump drives it all. Sure, there is fake news, but Trump is a downright liar like the United States has never seen before. He contradicts himself constantly. He lies to make his own life easier. If you choose to be blind to this fact, you are part of the problem.

Take a look at all of Trump’s Lies, as reported by one of the most well-respected news organizations in the country. The New York Times is not fake news. If you think it is, you are a conspiracy theorist, and probably nothing can save you. Click here to read all of them..

Here is an excerpt:

Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.

It’s Time for Impeachment

Trump has consistently shown himself to be incompetent and potentially unstable. However, he has also shown himself to be a complete liar and obstructing the justice proceedings during the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday confirmed suspicions many people already had. It’s time for impeachment proceeding to begin. Sign the petition at

OK Go Covering Morrissey’s Interesting Drug

It’s been a tough week to watch politics. I placed some phone calls to Congress (, but I feel rather powerless in my area of California since it is already majority Democrat. My calls are placed to Congress that is already going to vote the way I want them to. I don’t know of any way to sway the elected officials of other districts and states.

So it was nice to run across this OK Go video published on January 18, 2017, of a Morrissey cover. I have never been a huge fan of Morrissy, but the imagery of this video fit my mood perfectly. Take three minutes to enjoy.

Trump’s True Priorities

Politicians talk a lot. They say things to get elected, but once they are in office, you find out their true priorities, what really matters and doesn’t matter to them. Trump’s proposed budget tells us exactly what we need to know about him. So how does it work out? Well, there are not too many surprises in what he cares about, but now if you need a clearer picture of what he doesn’t care about, this is for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean this version of the budget will be the final, but it’s a look into Trump’s likes and dislikes.

Trump Likes

  • Military spending
  • Fighting ISIS
  • Veterans
  • Border protection (at least on the south side)
  • Deporting immigrants
  • Nuclear weapons

Trump Dislikes

  • Poor people (food, warmth, jobs, and education cut or eliminated)
  • Senior citizens (Meals on Wheels and job programs gone)
  • Environmental issues (EPA cut 30%, climate change research gone)
  • Science and research
  • Helping our allies (international aid gone)
  • Education
  • Wildlife preservation and programs
  • Art and culture
  • Public broadcast (bye, Sesame Street)

If you voted for Trump because you are lower class and you expected Trump would help the people, think again. He’s a billionaire (maybe), so he doesn’t care about you. If you were a senior citizen that voted for Trump because he has the same values as you, good luck with that when you don’t have any food to eat. If you are young and voted for Trump because you thought he would make it easier for you to get an education and therefore get a job, tough luck. He doesn’t care about education. If you thought Trump was just talking when he said he would eliminate assistance to our allies, build a wall, or eliminate the EPA, well, he wasn’t.

Right now, if you voted for Trump, you should be having a hard time resolving this situation.

Check out the short video below for a quick rundown of his proposed budget.

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