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2017 Running Year in Review

This is a quick recap of my running year put together by Strava. It is always nice to see those numbers all added up. But it is also a little disappointing since it should have been a better… Read More

Who Has Trump Attacked in 2017?

Anyone that continues to support this chump does have their head on straight. Trump has no class, no morals, no loyalty, no trustworthiness, no common sense, no originality, and worst of all, no plan for the country he’s… Read More

Vlog #12 – Evil Cow Encounters

Evening runs in October sometimes lead to evil things. They’re watching me!

Vlog #11 – Superman on the Oates Peak Trail

Sometimes you run like a pro. Sometimes you run like a superman that can’t fly. And it hurts.

Vlog #10 – Thunder Run!

It took me a little while to finish the music for this one, and I’m still not quite happy with it. But here it is. It was a scary run at the end and an experience I won’t… Read More

Vlog #9 – Two Summits

I was hoping for a thunderstorm and some rain. I didn’t time that right, but I did have an awesome run through a beautiful forest. I reached the highest peak in Ventura Country, and I got an extra… Read More

Vlog #8 – Too Many Tarantulas

So this thing is turning into a vlog. I’m trying to post one video per week. It has been fun writing music and learning more about Final Cut Pro. This week, I head up a trail in Brea,… Read More

What is the Alt-Right? This is It.

Watch this video. It is 22 minutes of truth about what we are dealing with in this country. There are parts of our country that are disgusting, despicable. Deplorable. These people claiming to “protect history” are the worst… Read More

Seth Meyer’s Statement on Charlottesville

  The president of the United States is a piece of trash.

Hummingbird Feeds Her Babies

This third video is an update on the hummingbird family in our backyard. In this video, you can see her feeding her babies. If you missed the previous videos, you can see them all here: The Hummingbird Eggs… Read More